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CMC Auditorium on FIRE April 19, 2006

Posted by chandkianworld in SAD moments.

All were happy on returning from CMC auditorium hall as the musical show ends about 6:00 am January 27th  2006. None could guess that glorious hall is going to convert in volcano in just an hour when security man reports about fire to authorities. It took them more than hour to mange a fire brigade. There was no fire alarm in the building. The authorities are fail to find the reason for fire. What ever it might be it's good for nothing. Precaution is better than treatment. It's too late now.  This incidence proves the inefficiency of  The civil defense department and college administration which must be corrected to be safe from such utterly loss_ sada

The early morning of 27th Jan; what a bad morning that was for chandkians because that morning snatched the beautification of chandka in the shape of burning auditorium in past which was full of chairs and lights but now it is full with coal and darkness and also in past it was full with sounds of happiness but it has got silence of sorrows.                                               Dr. Vijay          batch 30



1. amjid khan baloch - May 12, 2006

i need the fee schedule of chanka medical college larakana

2. Chandkian - December 31, 2008

Dr. Vijay sahab koi update to do, kya abhe tak auditorium mein aag lagi hoi hai kay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

3. Dr. Sikandar Ali Shaikh Principal - December 31, 2008

Fire brigade walon ki gaari ki chaabi misplace ho gai hai, come quick with baalti.
Aag ne meri seat ko bhe pakkar lea hai!
jal gae . . . . .!!

4. shahzeb - July 25, 2009

this type of incidences are really condemnable and should bring the culprits to an account.

5. dr masood Ahmed unar - December 15, 2010

salam to all chandkians and larkanains .i remaind over 26 years in this city,i love at all b/c i become graduate here i complete my carrier here from primary to MBBS.I thanks ALLAH TAA’La that he give me chance to live here.so you all people love larkana which is a very beatiful city.

6. goldenbuchanan5584 - April 8, 2016

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