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LARKANA – town where the chandka medical college situated April 19, 2006

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Larkana is a growing city in the Northwest of Sindh Province, near Sukkur, Pakistan. Larkana lies on 27o 33' North latitude and 65o 16' East longitude. The City is the 4 largest city of Sindh Province. The name Larkano is taken from the Caste of the people who live in the city, "Lark", although this community did not rule the city, yet they were involved in the mechanization of the city.

Larkana is as old as Civilization of Moen-Jo-Daro that dates back to five thousand years. Larkana was renown for its product of Cloth in those days. Its product of cloth was shifted from Moen-jo-Daro to the rest of countries via water ways. in the mean time same cloth was used for mummification in Egypt. Thus credit for unparalleled technological advancement of Moen-jo-Daro goes to its trade of cloth.

 Aryans had come in Sindh in 2234 B.C. They had settled in different part of Sindh. They while crossing Larkana, reached Bhanbhoor.  Jhokar-jo-Daro is a proof of Aryan visit. Different people came in Sindh but non could eliminate the Tradition of Aryans till teachings of Gotam Budh spread for and wide in 480s B.C whose proof is found in Moen-jo-Daro that was a center of worship for Bhudism. Sikandar attacked Sindh in 330 B.C. His forces had crossed little village known as Mahota. it was named by his forces as Maota in Greek. After Greeks, Sindh was ruled by Gupt Family from 320 A.D to 525 A.D. Thus, Chandias were rewarded heavily for their contribution. It was in this period that Larkana was named as Chandka. However, after demise of Jam Nizamuddin, Shah Beg Argon started ruling over Sindh.

Larkano city is purely result of Construction of Canal “Ghaari Wah”. In late 16th century, Kalhoras (also referred now as ABBASI) started their rule. In their rule, Shah Baharo was a ruler of Larkano in Kalhora period Sindhi language rose to its peak, especially in the period of Clan Mian Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan Kalhoro Sahb. After end of Kalhora rule, period of Talpur came and Nawab Wali Mohammad Khan was made Governor of Larkano.

In 1843 A.D, The English occupied Sindh. They divided Sindh in three parts Vis Karachi, Hyderabad and Shikarpur. Larkana was the part of Shikarpur and Dadu was part of Larkana. In 1930 A.D. Dadu was made separate District and Larkana got its present shape during Historic movement for Pakistan. Larkanians took active role in movement of Khilafat and Higrat so on the whole Larkana is always been the center of political activity in Sindh.

One of world's oldest archeological site, Mohen Jo Daro, exists some 28 Km far from the city, near Larkano Airport. In 2000, almost 1,000 tourists from, Japan, France, Ireland, Norway, Czech Republic and Some 16 retired U.S Generals visited the Mohen-Jo-Daro.

Larkano has fertile Land that cultivates all kind of fruits and vegetables, including potatoes, Melons, Olives, Oranges, Peas, Carrots, Cucumber, and Mangoes. Some 10 Km far away from the city, sugar is cultivated to fill up the need of Sugar Factory located in NauDero Village, the Birth Place of Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

 Important towns in the vicinity of Larkana include Dokri, Naudero, Ratodero, Bakrani, Badah and District Qambar, Shahdadkot including Mirokhan.

Larkana got status of Muncipal Committee in 1855 AD.

With the completion of the Sukkur Barrage in 1931 towards the west of Larkano was the Dadu Canal and in the east the Rice Canal which went on to become a place for cultural gatherings in the initial days but with the onset of the Rice Canal the Ghaad Waah started drying up and the place lost its charm.

          Famous for the quality of its rice, it is an important grain market and a trading center for silk and cotton goods. Brass and other metal ware are manufactured. 

 Larkana has been often referred to as the 'Eden of Sind' or 'Shiraz of Sind' or even Bang-e-Anam' which led to it being known as the Garden City. This probably came about on the basis of the numerous garden that were there in the city, the most famous being the 'Tajar Baugh' and 'Gyan Baugh' apart from 'Tolani Baugh', 'Riyali Baugh', Baaey-jo-Baugh', Thanwar Baugh',' Karamam Baugh', 'Lahori Baugh', 'Dharami Baugh', 'Lekhraj Baugh'. Amongst these gardens the mangoes from Tolani Baugh and the beir from Dharami Baugh were famous throughout the world and much in demand. Two public parks also adorned the city namely 'Bolus Park' which was used for political and social gatherings and 'Mazdoor Park' which was a open air study place for the budding students.

 Larkana city is divided into three parts having tow physical barriers i.e. railway line and Rice Canal. The old town is located towards east of railway line which is densely populated and has already developed as a commercial and retail center. This part comprises Qafila Sirai, Ali Goharabad, Galib Nagar, Surahia Padhar, Kadri Muhalla, Ghareeb Mukaam, Leelaabad, Karma Bagh, Daree Muhalla, Gajanpure, Murad Wahan, Allahabad, Zulifiquar Bagh, Jinnah Bagh.

   The second part of the city is between railway line and Rice canal towards the west of the old town. Main buildings and muhalla's in this part are Circuit House, Sir Shahnawaz Library, Chandka Medical College & Hospital, DCO office, High Court Building, Pilot Secondary School, STN TV station, Boys Degree College, Lahori Muhalla, Peoples Colony, Doctors Colony.

      Third part is located between Rice canal and on both sides of Ghar Wah, north west of the town. Newly developed Muncipal housing Colony, Shaikh Zaid Woman's Hospital, District Jail, Children’s Hospital, EDO Education, Larkana FM Radio station, Shaikh Zaid Colony, Police training center.

Sindhi is the central language of almost all the people. Siraikis is also widely spoken, which is similar to the Sindhi language

Educational Institutions

 Larkano is advancing due to the modern trends and vogue in the city. Larkano is turning toward giving quality education to its citizens. The literacy rate in Larkana district is 35%. There are almost 50 private K-G Schools throughout the City, run privately. Some of the Institutions which are offering education are categorized below:

Chandka Medical College, Larkana.
 Z.A Bhutto Agricultural College, Dokri
Govt. Polytechnic College, Larkana.
Govt. Pilot Higher Secondary School (built by British in 1926)
Govt. Municipal Higher Secondary School
Larkano Public School
Cadet College Larkano
Sindh Science College Larkano, (Private)
City Public School (Private)
Govt. Degree College Larkano
Govt. Girls Degree College Larkano
Govt. College of Arts & Commerce Larkano
Govt. Law College, Larkano
B.Ed College Larkano

 Statistics of Larkana city

Area of City:      10 sq miles (approx)

Population of city:

1901           0.015 millions
1941           0.028 millions
1981           0.124 millions
1998           0.519 millions

There are 19804 villages in the district. The total population of these villages is 1.47 millions.

Cinema Houses:  Al-Manzar, Nigar and    Chelopetra

Public Parks : Jinnah Bagh, Zulfiquar Bagh, Shahnawaz Children Park, New Railway Park 1 & 2, Nawa Tak Park, Kamal Atta Turk Park.


There are various animals wandering on the streets including Dogs, Cats, Donkeys, Horses, and Camels. There are various kinds of birds in the city, cold blooded birds come from Russia, in the winter and make swamp on the bank of Indus River near Mohenjo-Daro.



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larkana acha hai

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i can say larkana is place where i grownup,i learned how to face challenges of life.iam student of chandka medical college batch 24.i can not forget this city of friends.

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I am student of first batch and how it started and wonderful those days were.
I pray for chandkians.

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Hi ! Larkana I love u so / 2 Much , now I am Living in Karachi , but my native palace is Larkana . I am born at Larkana Muhammed Pur Muhalla and was studied in Govt Pilot Secondery School Larkana , Inter , Graduate from Degree College Larkana and Law Graduate from Govt Law College Larkana and LL.M from UK . really i miss u larkana , and hole friends . Bye God bless u Larkana and Larkana Wasis .


10. Dr Nasrullah Jakhrani - January 30, 2009

im from Batch 25.CMC is place where i gained ocean of knowledge and im proud to be chandkian.i miss those beautiful days of hostel life and my friends

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i miss cmc every with my every heart beat,its grate place.

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i really appriciate those guys who are doing struggle for their career .

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Larkana Is My Heart. thanks for ,u wrote detailed history of it.

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God Bless U …
Enjoy Your Life as well as Studies..
Please dont fall in Love, B/C if U do this U will be expire very soon.
Aur Doctor Braadari s apeal hai k 1st year s he apne hostel gate k bahar Doctor mat Likhein… Jab House Job Compleate karlo Then U R Doctor…

Message by : Mehran University of Eng: & Tech: Jamshoro
( From all Students of 2004 Batch Civil Engineering)

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i love cmc nd miss all my friends of batch 25.

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