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1. majidsamo - May 24, 2006

The Website of Chandka Medical College Larkana is register their own domain name
which is http://www.cmc.edu.pk
Chandka Medical College Larkana

2. moomal - June 7, 2006

hello 2 all my respected chandkians.
im proud of my college.im also thankful 2 our respected principal SIR SIKANDAR ALI SHAIKH for improving the standards of education in chanka medical college.
student of chandka.

3. Rasheedullah Zuhrani - July 12, 2007

This is really an interesting web page. There is a wide spread scarcity in the field of Science & technology, to bring ourseleves at a par with that, it becomes a moral & national responsibility on our part to play every essential role which we can act upon possibly.

4. chadkian - December 16, 2007

Dear Chandkians,
Though, I do not have much thoughts, about Chandka, which I could cherish, but being, a chandkian, for few weeks, I love and respect this institution. It has great importance, due to only regional advanced instituion of learning and medical assistance, but still things need better arrangements.
I am not happy to find, that the website http://www.cmc.edu.pk is not working, and I hope people in college will take notice of it, And Ithink if they know, that they can also make some money out of it.

5. aamir - December 26, 2007

hi moomal how r u i cant some inforamation of ur history.

6. Arman Khan - February 25, 2008

hye,i’m Arman Khan’is there Humaira in 3rd year.i wanna contact her.

7. DR TAHIR ABBASI - September 30, 2008


8. DR TAHIR ABBASI - September 30, 2008


9. SHAHID QAMAR ZARDAR - January 7, 2009

HI,salam to all me colleagues of 3rd year.

10. MANSOOR ALI METLO - June 11, 2009

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i’m proud of CMC LARKANA & i wish best of the to the all Stz of the college…………..

11. dr A qudoos - October 1, 2009

hi chandkian proud to b chandkians .any lady doctor contct with me my contct number is 03337533634

12. Dr.Nizamani S.M Malaysia - October 28, 2009

cmc website is worse if u try to contact any one from aminstration u will not receive any respose It is shameul .

13. Dr.Nizamani S.M Malaysia - October 28, 2009

worse site, if u post message to any one from aminstration u will noy receive any respose.

14. Dr sadiq wazir - September 27, 2011

Hi, i am Dr sadiq wazir, I am chandkian batch 20. Batch 20 doctors plz contact 03467978601

15. Dr Azhar Chaudhry - November 22, 2011

Dear Chandkian and hello Sadiq, I am Chandkian batch 20 too. Missing you guys a lot.

16. Dr Azhar Chaudhry - November 23, 2011

Any from batch 20, plc contact me on :chazhar2002@hotmail.com

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